Lady Gaga, Sydney, AustraliaDean Lewins/AAPImage 2011

Lady Gaga, Sydney, Australia

Dean Lewins/AAPImage 2011


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Launched in Sydney, Australia in 2008  


is a photographic collective of award winning photojournalists based around Australia and Asia who each share a vision to capture unique images and stories of life and the human condition.  

'fotostrada' is managed by its member photographers who are both freelance and staff. They provide editorial images to many diverse media clients around the Globe - agencies such as AAP, AP, Reuters, Getty, Rex Features - newspapers - The Times and The Guardian (London), The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, The New York Post, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age (Melbourne) - magazines - Time, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar , Australian Geographic - news services - CNN, BBC and ABC - and many more.  

'fotostrada' members travel the World extensively from their bases around Australia, India and Malaysia producing a vast variety of images. 

'fotostrada' showcases members' work completed on assignment for agencies, publications and clients, but importantly also previously unseen work and long term personal projects. One of the aims of 'fotostrada' is to attract attention from interested third parties wishing to support the group and/or individual photographers in long term imaging projects.  

On this site you can can see individual photographer portfolios and keep up to date with their latest work on a monthly basis in the 'New Singles' section. As photographers complete feature stories they can be viewed in the 'Latest Stories' section. 

We hope you enjoy our pictorial vision of this amazing world.  


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Kelly Barnes - Adelaide 

Brian Cassey - Queensland 

Dean Lewins - Sydney 

Sam Mooy - Sydney 

Tracey Nearmy - Sydney 

Melanie Russell - Sydney 

Mark "Crusty" Baker - KL Malaysia 

Graham Crouch - Delhi India 

Craig Greenhill - Sydney 

Dan Himbrechts - Sydney 

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Kelly Barnes 

Brian Cassey 

Graham Crouch 

Tracey Nearmy 

Craig Greenhill 

Dan Himbrechts 


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